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Jim Hickman

Video Billboard Digital Media Solution

Companies need exposure and you've got high traffic advertising locations lined up. The kicker? Finding easy and affordable software to manage ads and create and track playlists. We feel your pain...

We became the first digital signage company incorporated in Canada in 1990. At the time VHS tapes set to repeat was cutting edge. We tried the many complicated, unreliable and expensive "advancements" for nearly 20 years. Unhappy, we took matters into our own hands.

The result was the creation of our Digital Signage Solution. An easy, yet robust system for managing playlists over the Internet.

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Unlike Rome, your network can be built in a day...

Accounts are only $39.95 per month for the first two players and $14.95 for each additional player, you also have unlimited access to the on-line management suite. We guarantee you'll like the software or we'll give you a complete, no-questions-asked refund within 10 days of purchase. No contracts of any kind, leave when ever you want. To see it for yourself walk through the steps below and you'll be an advertising mogul in no time.

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Tour the Digital Signage Solution

Getting started is easy. So easy in fact that we'll be playing ads by the end of this tour.

Start below on "Manage Locations" and work to the right until you're through the videos.

Tour Digital Signage Introduction

1Manage Locations

Locations is the place to start. Each location can have a playlist assigned to it.

Groups allow us to assign playlists to many locations quickly. To manage groups click "Manage Groups".

We can choose to add a location in the top right. Once locations are created we can install the player software and activate these locations.

2Ad Library

All advertisements are stored online. You can search your ad library and add, edit and delete advertisements.

Putting them online is fast and easy. Click the "Upload New Ad" button choose your file and save it to your library.

Ads can be searched from the Ad Library list. You are now ready to associate ads to playlists.

3Playlist Manager

Playlists are a collection of advertisements that can be assigned to a single location, or group of locations. The Playlist manager displays your playlists and a preview of locations assigned to them.

Click "Add Playlist" to create a new playlist. Give the playlist a name then associate ads to the playlist.

Assign the playlist to locations then click save.

4Activate Location

The final step is to activate locations. The player software and codecs needs to be installed to the location. In this example we setup the "Arbutus Country Club".

Online you must copy the location code to be entered into the player software. When the code is activated the playlist is downloaded and playback begins immediately.

Features & Capabilities

Multiple Ad Formats

Advertisements can be uploaded in any of the following formats: AVI, MOV, MPG, MPEG, WMV and FLV.

Windows Player

Player automatically downloads ads over the Internet. On the fly updates can be done using only a web browser.

Detailed Statistics

View your dashboard to see monthly playback details and see each location's precise number of impressions.

Preview Playlist

Manage your playlists from any computer on the Internet. Double check local playlists from the player software.

Offline Playback

Prevent interruptions, ads continue to play even when the Internet is down.

Dynamic Changes

Locations automatically download playlist modifications and resume playlist playback within minutes.


"Coordinating the development of the Digital Signage Solution was awesome. I'm so proud of the result." Dylan Lopez, Inno Software Inc
"I am pleased to pass on some words of recommendation for Video Billboard Media Arts. The silent computer animated advertisements are professionally designed and visually pleasing. This enhances the ambiance of our Center, and allows Tourism Kelowna members to tailor their message for this targeted audience. The Video Billboard team have been a delight to work with every step of the way." Diana Dors, Visitor Services Manager, Tourism Kelowna
"The Video Billboard guys have been amazing, from the development of our ads to the consistent modification of them as our specials and business has changed. They have always been attentive and open to discussion on all topics, including ad design. The placement of the Video Billboard screen is large and un-cumbersome, not detracting from the store but adding to it. If you decide to join the growing number of Video Billboard clients you will not be disappointed in any respect." Bill Justus, GM, Ernie’s Place Neighbourhood Pub